Are you a student just completed your studies? Or are you currently studying ?
Are a business owner who wants to do his accounting in Tally and wants to learn it?
Are you a working professional who wants to enhance his skills in Tally ?
Are you a corporate who wants to train their staff in different aspects of Tally ?

If answer of any one of these questions is yes for you then we have a customized course for you in Tally.

Tally Institute of Learning
Tally Training Partner


Tally Ace : Beginner level course of one month which teaches you basic operation of Tally and prepares you for advance level of Tally learning when required. Ideally suits for school students who would choose commerce as their stream.

Tally Pro : A medium Level course for every student who is looking for job in this field. We train him in advance usage of Tally. One chance for interview is given to student if he is interested in Job

Tally Guru : Advance level course which gives full knowledge of Tally including GST, Advance accounting, Payroll etc.

Tally for Businessmen : Short term course for all new buyers of Tally. In One week duration you can learn how to prepare invoice, enter purchases, update bank and prepare GST returns.

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