Areas in which FTTH Internet broadband services in Rewari is available

Coronal virus alert is forcing people to stay in homes. Now work from home has been started in Rewari also. In this situation every body needs internet conections. CyberTec Solutions under the name of CNet Broadband services offer FTTH broadband and wireless broadband services in Rewari.

Wireless internet connection can be applied from any location in Rewari but FTTH connectivity is limited to certain areas only. So if you are a resident of these areas then we can offer you FTTH broadband services which are very reasonably priced and quite affordable.

  • Sector 3, Rewari
  • Sector 4, Rewari
  • New grain Market, Rewari
  • Model town, Rewari
  • Shri Shyam Housing society, Sector 3, Rewari
  • Shanti Lok Society, Sector 3, Rewari
  • Govt. Employees Society,Sector 3, Rewari
  • Indian Oil society, Rewari
  • BMG Elegant city Rewari
  • Lord Shiva Housing Society
  • Krishna CGHS, Sector 3, Rewari
  • Kanha Society, Sector 3, Rewari

In these areas you can get Railwire FTTH as well as BSNL FTTH. If you are looking for free land line number also then BSNL FTTH services offer free incoming and outgoing call facility as well as upto 100 mbps internet connection.

You can call 8607102555 for installing FTTH services at your home. Check out the FTTH plans available in Rewari